Fruit Sales Start Monday, 10/2

The AHS Bands annual fruit sales begin Monday, 10/2.  Fruit sales are a way to raise money for the band fund that supports band functions (instrument repairs, instrument purchases, music, etc.) and allows kids to earn money for the band account.  This fund raiser is not just for kids in a particular band or just for kids going on the annual trip.  All should participate!  If all students sold three boxes of fruit, it would be of great help to the entire band program.

Attached are more details but here is some brief information:

  • Students should pick up sales forms and instructions from the green crate in the Band Room.
  • Note that this year we are partnering with Loaves and Fishes – customers can buy fruit to be donated to Loaves and Fishes.  AHS band member will deliver the fruit directly to Loaves and Fishes. A win-win for the community!
  • This year we’ve changed fruit suppliers to one that has fruit in FL, TX, and CA.
  • All sales are to be pre-paid (collect money at the time you take the order) with checks made out to AHS Band Boosters.
  • Students can take orders for both November and December delivery at the same time but clearly mark what dates the delivery is for otherwise the fruit will arrive in November.
  • October 20th is the date that forms are due for the November delivery.
  • November 15 – fruit arrives.  Pick up orders from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • November 17th is the date that forms are due for the December delivery.
  • December 13 – fruit arrives.  Pick up orders from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Letter and sample order form: Fruit_Letter_and_Example_Form_2017

QUESTIONS? Contact Mary Page (, 953-6279) or Evie Angevine (,960-0919).