Welcome to the AHS Marching Patriots!

Gregory P. Thomas, Director

Andrew LaPrade, Instructor/arranger     Will Muncaster, Drum Instructor, arranger

Donna Robertson, Assistant, RepairTech     Ashley Nottingham, Color Guard Instructor

 Jean Flaherty,,Bobby Gregg, Garrett Moore, Robert Dunnenberger, Instructors

Alaine Ferralli Grace Baldwin Drum Majors  Neal Salazar  Drum Captain

Annika Morton, Bianca DeCosta,  Color Guard Captains

Web page:  ahsband.net

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 The Band and Practices

            The AHS Marching Patriots are a 100% volunteer competition-quality Marching Band.  We have a total of approximately 82 members which include winds, percussion, color guard and drum majors.

Marching band officially begins on the first day of Band Camp, August 6th at 1pm.  Thereafter, we will rehearse for the next two weeks and the two days before school officially opens. See the calendar for details.

      When school starts, we will practice daily during zero period starting at 7:45 AM sharp every Tuesday and Thursday, plus the Fridays that we do not have home games. We will practice from 4pm to 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons.  All practices and performances are mandatory. Check the Calendar on the website to be sure of your commitments.


Marching Band Competitions, Half time shows at AHS home football games, Pep Band Performances, Pep Rallies.

Band Leadership

     This band relies greatly on student leaders who are dedicated to the improvement of the group.  All students are expected and required to gracefully accept leadership from the student leaders and staff of the band. Leaders are required to have a service mentality and provide an inspiring example!! But BY FAR the most powerful leadership is the “NATURAL LEADERSHIP” that comes from people with a great attitude and a generous spirit. This type of leader does not require a badge, a title or a funny hat.

Your Responsibility

This is your band.  Dedicate your efforts to working together to making it succeed.  Enthusiasm, energy and cooperation make us stronger.  Negativity and cynicism erode our strength.  Above all, subscribe to following the music ethic:

  1. Make your top priority the execution of the composer’s intent.
  2. Commit to improving your playing and marching ability every single day.
  3. Approach each rehearsal seriously.  Music is only fun when it is done well. Our musical and competitive goals depend on it.
  4. Take responsibility for your role in the band. That includes our room, our equipment, our people and our music.